Hampton Academy of DANCE


Dance lessons in Hampton at Hampton Academy “strives to teach our students the art of dance, not just how to perform dance steps”. It is important that teaching the fundamentals of dance is a top priority when instructing young students. Establishing the discipline that dance requires in all of its aspects, teaches invaluable life lessons that contributes to the quality of life that we desire for our children. 
If you want  large classes, time consuming rehearsals, expensive costumes, endless competitions and other hugh out of pocket expenses, then Hampton Academy dance department is not for you.  If you are willing to accept smaller classes, class schedules that fit your busy schedules, functional/affordable dance attire, recitals that demonstrate what your child has actually learned in an unpressured learning environment as opposed to learning a dance routine to get a "trophy", then Hampton Academy is for you.
Take the first step in establishing solid dance fundamentals for your child. In time, high pressured competitions will come to the forefront when they are ready.
"We teach dance as a lifestyle, not as a competition" 


Hampton Academy offers dance classes that:


  • Helps keep you physically fit by improving strength and flexibility, which in turn helps keeps muscles and joints healthy

  • Helps improve balance and posture

  • Helps reduce stress levels

  • Improves self-esteem and confidence

  • Offers a creative outlet for people to express themselves in a caring environment.