Hampton Academy of Drama


DramaLites Grades 2 to 5

Explore the fundamentals of acting through scene work, character analysis, story development exercises and other fun activities.  Students learn how to express themselves individually and work as a team with their ensemble.  They will be given the necessary building blocks to grow as a stage performer while improving their audition skills, natural body movement, and overcoming stage fright.


DramaBrites Grades 6 to 8

This class challenges students to reach the next level in performance.  Students gain a deeper knowledge of the production process, including prop use, set design, make-up etc. Through games and fun activities, they will learn about articulation, projection, and stage presence. Students will learn how to express themselves individually and learn how to work as part of a cast, while working on audition techniques and character development.


DramaStars Grades 9 to 12

Students will further improve their understanding of the production process as indicated in the above class descriptions. These students will delve more deeply into the understanding of stage, script, research and character development, and monologues.

Adult Classes

Adults are welcomed! Due to the nature of adult work schedules, etc., classes are offered based on consensus as to the best day and time for such a class to meet. Please call for more information for the available options.

Drama Classes