Hampton Academy of MUSIC


Ages 8 and up


Classical or pop, pick your own style and we'll help you get there. Guitar lessons in Hampton at Hampton Academy involves the development of pitch accuracy, rhythmic accuracy, tonal production and proper fingering. The student’s size is a determining factor in getting an instrument with the proper fit for instruction.


Develop the proper skills so that you can play the style of music you want to play!


Rates: $25.00/lesson for one 30 minute lesson/week.


Registration fee: $25.00 (New students)


Lesson Schedule:

Monday and Wednesday:

4:00 to 7:00 p.m.

(Call for current available lesson openings)



Guitar Instruction

What is the next step? Simply call us or come in and register for class so that you may be able to start today!

424 Catalpa Avenue, Hampton, VA 23661(757)244-8466


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