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HAMDD Music Program

Have you ever wondered how long it would take to learn a piece of music without any musical training?

Or, have you ever taken music lessons before and just couldn't seem to get anywhere after months of lessons?

Or, try this one, you are a mom and you are afraid of your child taking lessons because they have been in programs where they have failed and maybe presented some behavioral problems. This is not because they couldn't do the work, they have simply been held back. Your child is ready to move forward, at a faster pace, but they have been prevented from exploring what truly interests them and roadblocks had been set in their way.

We have experienced all these scenarios at HAMDD!!

Our students learn songs in weeks rather than months; Our vocal students who have had no music training have lessons that are customized to help them learn their music fast. Practicing needs to be productive without taking hours per week. We have found how to maximize productivity without monotonous repetition.

Welcome to Hampton Academy's:

Music Master's Fast Track Program 

HAMDD Drum Instruction ages 8 and up

What does drum class in Hampton at Hampton Academy offer you?

Is your son or daughter constantly drawn to the TV whenever they hear a drummer playing and are just fascinated by what they are seeing? Or is your child constantly beating on things around the house pretending to be a drummer? Or is your child constantly asking you if they can take lessons? If these things occur in your household, then perhaps it’s a good idea to look into getting your child drums lessons. Good drummers are hard to find and the more proper training your child  has, the better the opportunities for their success will be. Different drumming styles are at their fingertips  at HAMDD. Contact us today!

Learn the style of music you want to play!

Materials: Drum sticks and drum pad (at a minimum)

Rates: $26.50/lesson for one 30 minute lesson/week.

Registration Fee: $25.00 (New students)

HAMDD Guitar Instruction ages 8 and up!

Guitar has been the instrument of choice for so many musicians through the ages. Prince, Hendricks, and BB King to name a few, have all been known for their exceptional playing ability and they have inspired millions of musicians through the years. The “you can take it anywhere’ type of instrument has proven itself as a “go to” instrument and we at HAMDD offer acoustic as well as electric guitar instruction. So if this is your instrument of choice, be sure to give us a call!  

Develop the proper skills so that you can play the style of music you want to play!

Rates: $26.50/lesson for one 30 minute lesson/week.


Registration fee: $25.00 (New students)

HAMDD Piano Instruction ages 5 and up

What will you learn in piano?

In our opinion, the most foundational of all instruments to learn, piano forms the basis for successful musicians everywhere to perform and compose their music as well as the music of others. Our students perform classical, jazz, pop, and church music with strong emphasis on learning the basics to help them achieve their personal goals. Piano is the most popular instrument we teach at HAMDD so, if you want to get a great start in music, this instrument should  be highly considered if you are undecided as to how to start your musical training.



$26.50/lesson for one 30 minute lesson/week. 

Registration fee: $25.00 (New Students)

HAMDD Voice Instruction ages 11 and up

There is nothing more rewarding than hearing the beauty of one's voice and all the magic it can create. Voice lessons in Hampton at Hampton Academy are designed for vocal development in beginners as well as the more advanced students. 


Learn how to sing the music you want to sing!

Ultimately vocal students desire to develop their own sound, but despite whatever style is pursued, the basics remain the same. Proper breathing, diction, improved vocal tone, and singing those high notes all must be developed to impress your audience. The best vocalists in the world all have vocal coaches to help them develop their craft. So if the professionals have coaches, why don’t you? Allow HAMDD to help you or your child  achieve the goal of being the best you can be whether it’s rock, pop, R&B, gospel or simply your own style, we are here to help. Contact us today!! 

Registration fee: $25.00

Tier I level of instruction: A 30 minute private lesson teaching the basics. Suggested for the preteen student. 
Rate: $26.50/lesson

Tier II level of instruction: A 45 minute lesson suggested for teens and adults.
Rate: $39.25/lesson

Vocal Coaching
For those special projects, we offer private coaching lessons to help students outside of their regular lesson prepare for District Chorus, Honors choir, auditions, etc.

$30.00/hour for enrolled students

$60.00/hour for non-students



Hampton Academy promotes self-discipline and a sense of self-control that can contribute to the development of a student’s total personality and attitude toward life.  Piano, voice, drums, and guitar classes form the foundation of musical offerings.



Hampton Academy “strives to teach our students the art of dance, not just how to perform dance steps”. It is important that teaching the fundamentals of dance is a top priority when instructing young students.



Drama, to many, is the ultimate form of self expression. To assume a character and explore the unlimited possibilities in bringing that character to life, helps you connect with your most innermost emotions. Explore the possibilities with us at HAMDD.

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